Success is a consequence
of comprehensive strategy
and relentless execution.

At Steer, we believe that leaders should not only focus on what’s urgent, but should instead focus on what matters. With this in mind, we wanted to create a blog that shares a new way of thinking that isn’t filled with opinions or prescriptive lists. Instead, we wanted to focus on content that illustrates the value of executing for both profits and purpose. This is why we turned to shareholder letters as our focus. A good shareholder letter outlines:

  • Hard metrics that compares the company’s performance to their goals
  • Historical context for company initiatives and decisions, as well as the processes used to evaluate them
  • The culture of an organization, as embodied by the executives or founders; and
  • How the founder or executive thinks about success and failure

These letters, and sometimes the accompanying annual reports (they tend to bleed into each other), are part of an executive’s duty to share the company’s performance with its ultimate owners: its shareholders. The best letters detail how this performance was linked to the many initiatives and activities that unfolded throughout the year and act as a corporate compass.

Every Tuesday (or other Tuesday – depending on how long a shareholder letter takes to analyze) we will review a different business, industry, business model, and executive. We will share with you the different achievements, mistakes, and attributes that make these businesses and executives who they are. So, if you’re ready to stop distracting yourself with the latest buzz and you’re ready to focus on what will push numbers forward, come take this journey with us; into the game of strategic leadership, where each move is measured by its relentless impact on the balance sheet.

Ria Pacheco,
Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

Steer Software Inc.