New Logo, Product Name, & Website… oh my!

Perfect Timing With the product launch fast approaching, the team at Steer has been secretly hashing out some big decisions surrounding not only our product -- but our brand; and with a new look to our UI (revealed by the end of the week), that takes into account an unforgettable experience, we thought about what else we could do to make this first introduction to the world special. A New Name from the Same Heart The company name Steer means a lot of things to us. It embodies aggression, leadership, capital, and being unafraid to take things to the next

Helm’s UX/UI Facelift!

Almost Ready to Launch! 🚀 With the launch of our product approaching, we've been working very hard in ensuring that the capabilities of our first product, Helm, can truly help leaders handle all the strategic, firefighting, and leadership roles that they have to take on every single day. However, we realized that what makes Helm different is its consumer-level usability, which helps leaders understand what they're doing quickly and how to best make the right executive decisions as quickly as humanly possible. Because of this, we revisited our UX [user experience] & UI [user interface], and discovered an opportunity to